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After the Illusion
After the Illusion
Kiran Pundir Group Show 2
July 12 - July 19
Artist Reception
Saturday, July 12
6:00pm – 8:00pm

''Art completes what nature couldn't finish" -Aristotle.
It is only obvious then, that art is synonymous with nature and nature with art. Art is poetry that can be seen and felt. It is the most extreme mode of individualism that the world has ever known. Art takes a peak into the creator's soul, captures and reflects his vision with the deepest and most intricate details from within.

'After the Illusion- post painterly art' is an exhibition that seeks to portray all these details in the most candid manner. It will be held at the Arterie Fine Arts Gallery, Naperville, IL.
A sublime culmination of the work of thirty ingenious artists that will leave you spellbound.
It would be worthy to mention that 'After Illusion' is the twenty eighth exhibitions in just four years, organized by 'Artsaroma'- an artist’s kutumbh. A commendable feat indeed!
Artsaroma is the brainchild of artist and curator Kiran Pundir, whose passion and devotion for art, led her to create this enigmatic cult of brilliant artists who live and breathe art.
The beauty of art is that it seeks to represent not only the outward appearance of things, but the inward significance. It aims at capturing every fleeting moment.
An exhibition of such splendor should not be missed, for it not only creates a beautiful illusion in your mind, but also leaves an indelible mark on your soul.