Arterie Fine Arts
Flow of Life 2
Acrylic on Canvas
12" x 18"
Nandini Verma
Indore, MP, India

The different strokes of colors make the emotion come alive and render the true spirit to each spur- of –the-moment of life. The bold sublime and glossy shades put together endeavors to highlight the realities of life thereby emphasizing that there is no perfect and ideal life which we try to conform with. Any attempt of conformation with the ideal leads to sorrow and anxiety for us .In fact, life has ups and downs which are inevitable. It has a natural flow of its own which is unsymmetrical and indefinable to conform with. The end result, if seen with the clear eyes, is beautiful but if is not as we want to make it perfect and ideal. The life flows with time which is continuously changing. Each minute brings with it a change, which may be bright and happy or dark and gray. We cannot control everything that comes through our life but we can rejoice different moments if we go by the flow.
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