Arterie Fine Arts
On a Rainy Day
Oil on Canvas
30" x 18"
Babita Goyal
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Mrs Babita started painting about 6 years ago under the guidance of Artist Usha Shah at the Twilight Art Studio. During these years her art has seen tremendous progress and confidence. Her Sincerity and dedication to this art form can be clearly seen in the art works created by her and she operates with a fire within her to get better at her art and give back to the art world.

Nature has had the greatest influence on her style and subject of paintings. Her ideas, style and quality of work has grown under a natural evolution. Her colour palette is soothing and sonorous.
Painting is the medium of expressing her emotions, her thoughts, her conflicts, her language, her reflection of ideas that are transformed in her mind and poured onto the canvas. She says, Art is always with us….observe it and feel it.

She is a great example of a lady who took up an art she liked and with her love and perseverance made it blossom. The flower of which is blooming in its full form and colours today.
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