Arterie Fine Arts
Lost in Thoughts
Oil on Canvas
24" x 18"
Kalpana Gupta
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Mrs Kalpana has been painting since last 9 years under the guidance of Artist Usha Shah at the Twilight Art Studio. She is blessed with a natural flair for colors and details. She explores her paintings by understanding the India’s diversity which is visible in its people, religions, climate, languages, customs and traditions which differ from place to place within the country, but nevertheless possess a commonality.
Her works are rich with emotions and femininity. “I make my art depending on my mood and inspiration, she says. Her works are mostly figurative arts and incorporate nature in all its glory and beauty. She believes that Art helps in the process of sharing our ideas and thoughts. Throughout her life Art has been the tidal wave of information and imagination. Her paintings try to achieve higher aesthetic values.
She uses her patience and attention to details in order to create a wide spectrum of human emotions rooted to the personal desires which are embedded deep within the human mind. Her paintings are a reflection of her positivism, humanism and harmony with her inner and outer world.
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