Arterie Fine Arts
Peace 1
Ink on Canvas
30" x 30"
K.G. Lingadevaru
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Art and artistic expression is a rare activity and practice, but has came naturally to K G Lingadevaru. His focus started on the subject of living. So to live a peaceful life a Home was the basic necessity and a series of Creative work began with “Sweet Home” series. K.G. Lingadevaru worked and experimented on this series in a very interesting and unique ways and achieved a great level of satisfaction and popularity with his rendering on Canvas, Paper and even Murals.

As the Kannada proverb goes “Manasinalli Mane Maduvudu” he has made a “Home in the minds of people” by his “Sweet Home Series”.

As the journey goes on his efforts and experimentation with art continues with full vigor and commitment participating in Art Campus and Exhibiting his work in group shows and also Solo Shows in Bangalore and outside Bangalore as well as Abroad.

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