Arterie Fine Arts
Street PuddleMirror NationI am not a Rock We traversed the landscape.We looked westward. I think we were retreating. Beat the drum, but quietly.When I was three, I wanted to be Lee Majors from the Big ValleyAfter two long years, I found a safe place to land, but I stayed too long and became complacent.  The Day After New Years Day Deck Lights as We Drank Manhattans on a Hotel Roof Overlooking Punta Gorda, FloridaBlue Awning Out the Window Next to an Untouched Salad Bar that Sat Next to the Bathroom.Power Station that Smelled of Rotting Fish Behind the Chinese Market

Soybeans at SunsetIlse Krohn RoseEscape in the RainDripThe Long RailWhat She Left Behind MaskDavid J. Romero #1 ParalyzedWhere Sea Meets SkyWithinThe Beauty of DeathWinter TreeGlacier LilyGeyser BasinMan Offering A Woman PerfectionAll I SeekChelsea & HannahEyesRibsTwin BulbsIceBubbling RoseL.A. ZurichBlue CrabChildren’s MuseumShadows in the ParkRusty Crusty AbstractionRed Breeze AbstractionYellow Circle AbstractionOnce Upon a Country/ Under The Sky

The Veil The First Snow UntitledArt Book
Through My Lens
"Through My Lens" Juried Show
May 3 – May 30

Rick Febre
Featured Artist

Opening Artists Reception
Awards Ceremony
Saturday, May 10th
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Critique of Artwork

Juror: Gary Schirmer