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Merike Adams
Merike Adams

Born in Tartu, Estonia.
1994 Masters Degree from the University of Tartu, Estonia, in Finno-Ugric languages

1996 -2000 studied ceramics at The Ceramic Arts Studio of Christoph Hansing and Brigitte Jauss in Hamburg, Germany

2001-2007 studied drawing and painting at the College of Du Page in Illinois, USA.

Since 2004, Merike is a member of the Naperville Art League where she frequently shows her work. Her work has won prizes such as "Best of the Show", "Best Theme", and several honorable mentions.

Merike's works are in private collections in Estonia, Germany, USA, and Canada.

Currently, Merike lives and works in Naperville, IL, USA, where she paints, works on various art projects, and teaches techniques in drawing and painting.


2012 - Barrington United Way Roundup II Public Art exhibit - rearing stallion "Mustang"
2011 - Oakbrook Center Garden art event "InBloom" - Flower Bench "Panache"
2008 - Barrington United Way Public Art event - two Rearing Stallion sculptures
since 2004, several group shows at Naperville Art League
2007, 2008: several commissioned paintings
2008 Charity work for Naperville United Way: Ladybug House (mosaic)
2007 "Curriculum" at the Arbor Vitae Cafe, Northern Illinois University
2007 Charity work for Naperville United Way: mosaic dolphin
2007 "Science in Art" at the University of Chicago
2006 together with Maire Miglai, show at Pärnu Community Center, Estonia