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Merike Adams
Gallery Owner
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My artwork is mostly about the beauty of Nature – landscapes, people and animals. I believe that taken by itself, every single object in nature has its own story, be it a blooming blossom or a broken shell. Time passes by quickly, sometimes we want to hold it longer … I attempt to capture a moment – memory, beautiful scenery, dream – on my paintings and turn it into a story.
Reality exists in the mind of each individual, yet we are bound together by a common objective reality. The relationship between the personal and the objective reality is one of the greatest mysteries.
My paintings are realistic in the sense that they emphasize the core meaning of an object or an idea, not simply the outward appearance. I like to experiment with colors, composition and spaces, as well as the juxtaposition of ideas. This leads me to surrealism, i.e., the layer above reality, expressed in some of my paintings

I educate myself by taking art classes, enjoying painting together with other artists. The media I use is oil, charcoal, pastel, and glass.
Sometimes the idea for a new painting also comes just from a saying, some phrase I heard during the day, from a music piece etc. People and travels, of course, inspire me.
My art means a lot to me. Painting or making a stained glass project is a source of energy, like meditation. Art has become a profession over a hobby for me.