Arterie Fine Arts
Finally, The Forbidden Fruit
Acrylic and Ink on Canvas
12" x 24"
Sarah Curl-Larson

Awarded Honorable Mention
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This character- the skeleton with the skull of a ram- has appeared in my work before, always up to something. He likes to cash in on clichés. In this case it is the old and tired idea of the forbidden fruit, something that we are all culturally familiar with, but are sick of the reference and sick of the message it represents.

My intention is to create a mood for this scenario that reflects a changed attitude towards this myth. This setting is definitely not the Garden of Eden and this character is definitely masculine. He is after the fruit of his own volition, not because some snake told him to. The rottweilers he is walking seem to be for his protection. The questions I want people to ask themselves when they look at this painting is what these changes mean for the story of Eve eating the forbidden fruit. What would the ramifications have been if the snake had not told her to do it, but rather she had done it on her own accord? What if it had been Adam who ate the fruit? What if they had been in the desert? So many values of Western history have been founded on this myth that it is worth reexamining today under different contexts.

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