Arterie Fine Arts
Acrylic on Canvas
18" x 18"
Sarah Curl-Larson
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Out of the blue, an image will pop into my head. It startles me, and then I have to examine it from all angles. I turn it around and mull it over and all the while it keeps nagging at me to just do it already. I come up with a game plan, slightly apprehensive, because by now I have it so meticulously calculated that I'm nervous that I'm going to screw it up or it just might not turn out that well after all.

I start. The base colors are the most important part of the entire process. I do the sky, blend, blend, blend, and then the ground with more sharp edges this time. Inevitably, it will not look exactly like I had it in my head, but sometimes better. Sometimes frustrated.

I work in fits and stops. I stop, stare at it for a day, and change something. Add the next piece of the game plan. Decide this thing is melting into the background and what can I do to make it pop more?

Sometimes it is just over. I look up, and the painting has told me to quit. It is done. Other times I think it might be done, but then stare at it for a day, or a week, not quite sure what it needs. It is like writing the ending of a story, always the hardest part.

When it is finished, I am excited. This particular thing is done, but now it begs for a follow up. I may have opened up an entirely new realm of subject matter, or decide to do it again, but a close up. But still, I have to wait for that next unexpected image to come popping into my head.

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