Arterie Fine Arts
India Ink, Watercolor, Colored Pencils on Watercolor Paper
30" x 22"
Dorothy Graden
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The spirit world has spirits of different powers. The four large “Guardians” are protectors of the smaller spirits. They send them out to help humans when they are called upon and take care of the little spirits as they wait to be called up. Sometimes the little spirits are unruly because they don't like to wait, and are full of energy, and sometimes have difficulty controlling their powers. Some are “impish” and like to cause trouble, so the guardians must manage them with care. And humans must respect them.

I drew the piece in September, 2012. I like the “fiery” background because, to me, fire is a powerful element and must be cherished and honored, and respected. I smile when I see the little spirits and wonder what they are up to! What do they have planned next? The large “Guardians” have great strength and discipline, and are responsible beings. This picture offers me security that all is well in other realms and if we can peek through the “veil” we attain a better understanding of reality.
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