Arterie Fine Arts
Home Before Sunrise
Marker on Wooden Cabinet
36" x 20"
Szmeralda Shanel

This is picture one of a series of pictures that tell a story.

The rooster and the lady are best friends. They've been at the club kickin’ it all night long. The rooster realizes it'll soon be morning. He's very upset, he's gotta get home before the sun comes up to do his job, otherwise people won't get up in the morning when they're supposed to. He asks somebody if he can borrow their roller skates to get home faster. The lady ain't bothered, she's had a few drinks and is in chill mode. She hops on his back for the ride home and is the the rooster's radio. The snakes sliver quickly, tryin’ to help the rooster get to movin’, they're like
"Hurry up lets go."

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