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You are Poetry
Mirror, Indonesian, Spessartine and Raspberry Garnet
36" x 36"
Tess Watson
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Tess Watson is a 22-year-old Portland, Oregon artist who has always had a passion and a love for all forms of self-expression. Having experimented with many art forms (and continuing to do so), she has found a niche and affinity for mosaics in mirror, crystal, and stone, selling her works to various art collectors and restaurants in the Portland area.

Tess emulates the energy of her inspired pieces by meticulously choosing each stone and crystal in the hope of transferring that energy to the viewer. Using these refractive and reflective media forces the viewer to ponder themselves, coupling their own reflection with the energy of the stones/crystals in a personal metaphysical artistic interaction.

Within each of her works, Tess seeks to inspire self-questioning and contemplation in the most sublime and positive of ways.

Please remember that when viewing each piece, although it may be intriguing in the shadows, once you allow light to touch the surface, the purity and true intent will radiate in a luminous dance of reflection.
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