Arterie Fine Arts
Wake 2
Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 24"
Awarded Honorable Mention

Denny Borns
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So easily, a daily routine blurs together. Like posts of a fence, each quick task fades into the next. As we go, it is at some point we realize we are awake, still later that we are alive another day. On its own, repetition can deprive our waking moments of interest. Lest I forget I am alive, I savor a calm minute, an easy meal, a glimpse of shape, color, and texture. Filtering out the background noise is not always easy, and not always rewarding. I am grateful for my senses. I hope that this today is good. After all, it's no use giving up.

Here we find a moment of captivation, amidst the mundanity of daily toil.
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