Arterie Fine Arts
Crystal Skull Consciousness
Sharyl Noday

As an artist and trance channel, I set out to communicate and begin relationships with crystal skulls. What I have experienced and found to be true is that beings from deep within the universe come through the crystal skull creating a portal for a greater intelligence within the universe. Sharyl Noday

There is a beauty within the unknown that is sacred, that is magical as well as mysterious. Gifts can represent themselves in a myriad of ways. Through vision, through sound, through feelings, this touches our soul and spirit. Sharyl Noday presents a short film exploring these gifts by trance channeling Crystal Skulls whom share with us their unconditional love. With a focus on three crystal skulls messages are spoken, bridging the gap from their world as they come to visit ours.

A long time love affair with Crystal Skulls, she has experienced these Crystalline Beings are not only magical and mysterious; they are portals to a greater intelligence within the universe.

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