Arterie Fine Arts
Little Kingdom in Your Chest
13.5" x 18.5"
Caine Krieger
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I used to create this style of imagery and I would see demons and such in each image. Knowing full well that other people saw things that did not haunt them, even when looking at my darker images. After cleaning myself up I now create brighter pictures that allow a more pleasant feeling when observing one of my images. It has been a struggle to see the light in the photograph, but the real problem was my qualia. My mind set at the time was that the world was poop, I do not think it is that bad(ish) anymore.

As I mentioned before the word qualia, it is how we interpret things that cannot be explained. This is kind of fore shadowing for what the working is really about, infinity. The image as a whole is all done by chance. How the photograph is made to the aspen wood the picture ends up on. Everything was done by chance. Sort of... a lot of thought has been put into this for presentations sake

This is a photograph of water that is mounted on a ph neutral plastic, called Sintra. The image is then floated with quarter inch aspen wood and mounted on an Aspen wood background that is stained and sealed. The image is so robust that it can be shown outside with no problems, for many years.
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