Arterie Fine Arts
Into the Light
Mixed Media on Canvas
12" x 12"
Kat Johnston
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With my professional background in Art Therapy, my art is almost always a release for my most private, deepest emotions. “Into the Light” was a piece I created shortly after one of my patients at a nursing home I was working at suddenly passed away. He was one of the youngest patients we had on the unit, only in his early 60’s. It came as a shock to me and I needed to work through the emotions it brought up for me; Death, afterlife, mortality, the impermanence of life, etc. I felt rejuvenated after I made the piece, like I had faced the fears and sadness that his death stirred up in me. I felt braver now to face the unknown future, was there life after death, no one can say for sure but what we can do is decide to live to the fullest so that we have no regrets.

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