Arterie Fine Arts
One is Three, Three is one
Henna on Canvas
10" x 8"
Set of Three

Mariyam Jawed
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I had always been fascinated with the evening, sunsets, henna, silhouette art work, and stock of birds. Before I started this art work, I was focussed on bringing all these fascinations of mine together. I wasn't sure how though. I started with giving the canvas a sunset look where the evening and the darkness is coming to meet each other with a perfect balance of light and darkness, and then I started drawing the branches of tree and the birds. The two things left from my fascination list were Henna and Silhouetter effect and I realized soon enough that working with henna would obviously make it look dark enough and give it a silhouetter effect. So I was happy to see that it did work the way I wanted it to be. Along with henna giving it a the effect I wanted it to give, the henna being a paste also gives it a 3-d loo which is a bonus.
Now when I look at this art work of mine, I find peace and that its a summarization of my likings and fascination, not to mention this is my favorite piece of work.

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