Arterie Fine Arts
Roundabout Excuses
Pen & Ink Drawing
20" x 16"
Siobhan McKissic

"Roundabout Excuses" was created during the production of my senior honors thesis last winter. It was a way to get away from all the thesis work I had been creating about loneliness, hiding, and self-preservation. At the time, I had dug myself into this little belly button of despair thinking about all the awful things people do to one another and how it's often hard to see how we connect in a more constructive way. As I made this piece, I felt as though I needed to connect with something, anything, and anyone that would renew that lively spirit I had lost in the process of dealing with my own and other's experiences of hurt, pain, and betrayal. I would like to think that the completion of this piece, if anything, took my mind away from things by giving me an excuse to take a break and breathe for a short while. Afterwards, I felt calm.

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