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Meredith Starr Solo Show
Meredith Starr Solo Show
January 5 - January 11

Artist Reception
Saturday, January 11th
6:00pm - 9:00pm


Reactive features selective works created by New York based Artist Meredtih Starr. These artworks give visibility to the invisible:diseases- contemplating the contradiction between their brilliantly intricate and decorative structure and their pernicious capabilities; aerosol droplets from sneezes- capture the body’s semi-autonomous response to a variety of triggers, conveying both the randomness of a sneeze’s pattern and of the distance of its trajectory; testosterone-exploring the imagery of secreted hormones producing passion, and seeks to transmit embodied cognition through its installation. These drawings, paintings and prints consider how the body reacts to these very different stimuli, as well as how the viewer responds to the artworks as well. In this instance, all of these works create a multi-sensory circuit in which the viewer experiences an awareness of the invisible forces inside them.