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Jose F. Bolet
Jose F. Bolet
Featured Artist
Distorted Show
August 6 - August 31


These paintings are part of a larger project I’ve been working on now for a few years that I call “Metropolis”. They represent an intimate view and interpretation of the conflicts, isolation, distress and ambiguity of the urban society in modern days. They also explore the idea of happiness and the condition of the human being as affected and transformed by all these emotions.
The planes or fields of pure color and light suggest all the emotional stages that are constantly flooding our existence, in which the subject matter is as important as the color. Both play an important role in the interpretation of the paintings. Many times, however, those zones of pure color are transformed into a dripping space of paint from which the figure emerges in isolation and confusion.
These paintings explore the relationship that involves not only the psychological aspect of today`s life, but also the intimate meaning, and misuse of values, and how we as human beings, are affected by this urban confusion that we call society.
At the end, the results are an uneasy image that triggers the imagination, and invite the viewer to think about life in today’s modern society. Locked up spaces, isolation, emotional violence, are all urban experiences that I have tried to develop into uncomfortable but attractive visual images.