Arterie Fine Arts
Growth of crystals under the microscope
Bernhard Adams
Solo Show
Bernhard Adams
Solo Show
July 28 - August 3

Artist Reception
Sunday, July 28th
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Bernhard Adams is a resident of Naperville since 2002 and a physicist at a nearby national laboratory. Since his teenage years, he has been interested in photography and specializes in scientific and technical visualization of the aesthetic side of science.

The photos and videos shown here are part of this portfolio, which also includes photos of insects in flight (freezing the motion with a flash), laser light, and high-voltage discharges (no denying it, high voltage is just plain fun).

Bernhard believes that science is a cultural activity just like the visual arts, music, poetry, and so on. It is important to remind ourselves that all these form our cultural heritage, and that they can enrich each other: Visualization of natural processes can inspire a painter to an abstract picture, a composer to a piece that completes the visual experience with an auditory one, or a poet to a powerful description of the underlying forces of nature. Likewise, the arts are often an inspiration to scientific activity, as evidenced, for example, by the many physicists who are also proficient musicians.