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Theresa Suchy McGraw
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Exploratory Artist, Writer, Inner Awareness Guide, Workshop Facilitator

Theresa = art in motion! Her colorful, intuitive, and playful way engages participants in the creative process rooted in heart-based teachings and unity consciousness. Theresa works with a spectrum of creative tools weaving in her love of nature and planet earth, worldly wisdom teachings, and pure curiosity of our life’s purpose. Theresa’s personal experience working with mandalas has taken her on a journey inward that has deepened her awareness to self-love, compassion, and our interconnectedness.

Theresa’s present focus is on four foundational creative practices: Exploratory Art, Mandalas, Nature Art and Group Art.

Exploratory Art – Working with a variety of expressive art forms that explore color and texture with curiosity and wonder.

Mandalas – In Sanskrit Mandala means “Sacred Circle.” Mandalas are used as an art tool for meditation, focus, and reflection of our inner world. When creating a mandala we are making the invisible (inner world) visible by bringing symbols, colors, shapes, and images into the physical world. Theresa’s personal Mandalas are created with intention and meditation. She upcycles wooden and bamboo plates and other circular objects and uses them as her canvas.

Nature Art – Ahhhh, to be one with nature. Theresa leads nature walks that open participants to looking at nature’s elements from a different perspective. Is a leaf just a leaf, or is it a sun catcher? What can you do with a stick, a rock and a leaf? What is the rock telling you? Ask!

Theresa is inspired by the work of land artist’s Richard Shilling and Andy Goldsworthy

Group Art – Creating art together is a powerful experience for both the participant and the group as a whole. It takes us out of our comfort zone and allows for something bigger to take place. Group art is fun, collaborative, expressive and empowering. Group art can be working together on one common project (mural, wall hanging, nature art), or participants sharing in the creation of each other’s artwork.

Theresa works with individuals (one on one sessions), community and small business. Contact Theresa for more information about her art and offerings.

Childhood with Arts’n Crafts, BFA Fine Art, Graphic Designer, Art Mom, Pregnacy Castings/Dimensional Portraits, Web Designer, Mandala Art and Class Facilitator, Meetup Organizer, Writer and Blogger, Play Guide, FIRE Co-op Member

Blog: TogetherOne
Meetup Group Co-Organizer: Spirit Art and Friendship Circle