Arterie Fine Arts
Acrylic On Canvas Board
18" x 14"
Arindam Chakraborty
Kolkata, India

Masters In Visual Arts, From Rabindra Bharati University

My artistic platter consists mostly of figures from ancient mythology ,Indian history & cultural ,modern paintings under a freelance motif ,form, drawing a realistic balance between the past and the contemporary world in a simplistic way. I also like to mostly experiment with various background techniques. I like only use working acrylic, lino, mix media and ink on paper drawing. Based in Kolkata,BVA and MVA from Rabindra Bharati University ,Kolkata. Recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation Scholarship and Social Justice and Empowerment Schplarship,Delhi(Govt Iof ndia).Principal of Anicom College affiliated to PTU.
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