Arterie Fine Arts
Acrylic On Canvas
20" x 20"
A Sreedharan
Delhi, India

This duo by A. Sreedharan is influenced by De-Stijl movement and strives to depict geometrical shapes in a clutter free space. The idea is to represent two dimensional structures in a non-illusionistic space, where there is a deliberate attempt to eliminate illusionistic space. This in turn offers the liberty to denote and connote one’s own interpretation of the paintings. These interpretations form the third dimension of our existence, i.e, perception. The two dimensional structures form the basis of Sreedharan’s work, which when compounded by the viewer’s third dimension offers the complete picture in its most basic elements- straight lines, primary colours and the neutral shade of grey. The assorted blocks of color and lines of differing width create rhythms that ebb and flow across the surface of the canvas, echoing the varied rhythm of modern life. It advocates the complete rejection of visually perceived reality as a subject matter and the pictorial language is reduced to a bare minimum.
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