Arterie Fine Arts
Portrait 2
Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 24"
Surendra Patel
Gujarat, India

Consulting Interior Designer, Civil Engineer

Painting is my passion and I had a dream of being an artist, but I have started painting since last five years sincerely. I have chosen Portrait as my subject because I meet lots of persons from different back grounds due to my profession in interior designing. I studied their faces and features with lots of emotions and amazed by variations. It is believed in Indian culture that face of a person is a main source to recognize him or her. To see Mukharvind (face of o deity)is a main form of worship. In Yoga and meditation face is a prime centre. I think, all these reasons led me to the art of portrait painting. I paint on canvas with oil colours. Painting is not my profession but my first love.
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