Arterie Fine Arts
On Gan Ganpati Nam
Oil on Canvas
16" x 16"
C D Mistery
Gujarat, India

Born in 1933 at Chikhli, Gujarat, he has completed G. D. A. (Painting) and Art master (AM). C D Mistry is an admirer of the early Indian Modernists. He admits to have been strongly attracted to their idea of art having a distinct ‘national’ character. As a result, a lot of his work revolves around folk art, stylizing it and making it into something completely different. He transferred this stylization to Indian mythology and nature, adopting icons from Indian mythology and transforming them into symbols. He has also illustrated narratives from the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. The gods Ganesha, Shakti and Muralidhar find themselves brightly coloured and represented on his canvases dotted with folk motifs and little textures.
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