Arterie Fine Arts
Flower 2
Acrylic on Canvas
30"x 36"
Aarti Sharma
Haryana, India

Bachelor’s in Arts , GMN (PG) College, Kurukshetra University

Aarti Sharma has been greatly influenced by the infinite faces of Mother Nature. At a very tender age Sharma realized the bond she had with Mother Nature. She loves to spend most of her time sitting and observing various elements of nature in her garden, like the gentle movement of grass with the morning breeze; dancing of the tree branches in the wind; birds and insets fluttering their wings and moving up and down in the air etc.

Her work is influenced heavily by the beauty of the nature and she believes that nature has all the answers. The more we are drawn to the nature, the more we realize ourselves. Beauty exhibited in the nature has the power to soothe our nerves and help us become a better person.
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