Arterie Fine Arts
Yoga Series 2
Acrylic on Canvas
20" x 20"
Kamla Ravikumar
Chennai, India

Qualified in Art and Interior Design from Bombay

Kamla Ravikumar works from her studio based in Chennai.

The current series of paintings and sculptures is based on the theme of Yoga. Being deeply inspired by Yoga and its spiritual relevance the series explores the various asanas and different postures. She considers this as her step into the spiritual journey of life.

In that journey depicting Yoga asanas she experiences attachment, sentimentalism, spiritual eternity and liberation of one’s soul from the materialistic world due to the awakening of her senses.

Her works reveal these sentiments in an aesthetic way on a transcendental plane of visual glory with pleasant tranquil effects that leads the viewer to total relaxation of the mind.

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