Arterie Fine Arts
Berlin Landscape #2, Reflection
Oil on Canvas
36" x 24"
Jamie Rodriguez
Albany, NY

The objective of my work is the cross-cultural exchange of information and visual culture. What I mean by this is that by experiencing new places through painting it forces one to see how much alike humans are across the globe. Paintings were used at one point in history to tell stories to those people who were not literate, and paintings still can act as a universal form of communication and information. When I create a painting of a specific place, as an artist I am describing the history of those who live there by gradually documenting it. In viewing my work familiar imagery and images, can bridge communication gaps regardless of what language they speak. I recreate places that are visually striking, yet common, I give my viewer a surprising sense of having been there, and leave no excuse to believe to think we are all too different.

I strive to achieve self-conscious pictorial experiments of modernism and an awareness of optical phenomena, optical expansion and contraction of forms in light.
I attempt to capture the fleeting effects of sunlight, the impressions and reawakening of consciousness of a scene. Through the use of the technique of broken color, the goal is to achieve the actual sensation of light itself in a painting, a shimmering controlled chaos of brutal brushwork to dissect and murder light and space. The visual content strives to breakdown the familiarity of the perspective and simplicity of geometric form and plan within rational existence in space; to create a distorted expressionist disharmony of architectural and natural perception. My work is to expose the mistake, the thrill, the accidental and spontaneous illustration of moments that make up life. To create a sense of tension between the “moment” and the continuity of “time” that leads us to the fragmenting of these moments. Through this process I seek to run all the separate moments into a linear continuity of truth.

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