Arterie Fine Arts
"Pronk" Still Life with Oysters
Oil on Canvas
24" x 20"
Robin Mae Schaltz
Grayslake, IL
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The still life embodies a sense of wealth and luxury.

Dutch art in the 17th century accentuated vanities and are referred to as “pronk” still life’s – the Dutch verb “pronk” means “to show off”. It is a moral way of stating that we should not take such pleasure in earthy goods and should concentrate more on our afterlife. To me that means our “spirit”.

The lemons suggest the sweets and sours of the chapters in our lives; they can also mean fidelity, warmth and friendship.

Abundant flowers represent the beauty of youth that most certainly wans over time and are a friendly reminder of the fragility of life.

Yellow roses are reserved for your closest friends to cheer them up with warmth and good feelings.

The half melted candle is a symbol of the passage of time and is a heartfelt reality that I am at half-life and time is slipping away.

The scalloped shell is of course the female and the oysters are singing an aphrodisiac song of sensual pleasures and delectable delights that state that there are still many more indulgences to partake in.

The tongs say, “Come and pluck me out of my shell and taste the salts of the earth while you are still alive and here on earth.”

So there you have it, my oysters have a story to tell.

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