Arterie Fine Arts
Metamorphosis - III
Mixed Media on Canvas
16" x 18"
Subha Chaudhuri
Evanston, IL
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This painting was inspired by process of erosion that can cut through layers of rock to create majestic valleys and canyons.

Metamorphosis is deeply native to our existence and to the world around us. Some transformations happen in minutes, others take millions of years. Some transformations preserve, others destroy. As we undergo our personal metamorphoses within the crucible of our lives, we can derive inspiration from the transformations we observe in nature - when rivers cut through rock, when wood turns to dust, and when new earth is born. This series is inspired by the deeply cyclical, violent, and ultimately creative process that transforms the intense natural beauty that surrounds us - in our rivers, our valleys, our mountains, and the earth we tread on.

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