Arterie Fine Arts
Flamenco Rumba
Mixed Media (Oil & Cold Wax)
26" x 20"
Thuy Le
Los Gatos, CA
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"Flamenco Rumba", oil on canvas captures the excited feeling of the dancer when she exposes the new experience with the rhythm and the tempo of the Rumba Flamenca music.
"Flamenco Rumba" is the oil painting which I express my experience in the Flamenco dance class. Comparing with Ballet, Modern or Jazz, Flamenco is very essential. For me, the music is very special when the guitarist plays some beautiful Tresillo rhythms for the group dancers. In the painting, I use the colors and the brush strokes to express the tempo of Rumba Flamenca. All the brush strokes have the same length because they relate with the small foot steps rather than the jump or run freedom or twist as ballet or modern dance. The Flamenco Dancer walk slowly forward, body move very gentle , slow and seduce. How to make the sound from the shoes and how to make the eyes contact with the guitarist to create connection between the dance and music are very important. That is the most essential feeling when I dance flamenco and I tried to capture that feeling in this painting.
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