Arterie Fine Arts
Of Being ill II
6" x 24"
Monica Nickles
Buffalo, NY

In the words of Susan Weeds, “consciously or unconsciously with acceptance or denial, every day you move one day nearer to your death.” I think that there are certain everyday things that people feel uncomfortable about, but in actuality they should be embraced and honored. They are apart of life and are inevitable. I think that if these things were brought out into the open, people could be more comfortable or see the beauty in this matter.
Humans have the misfortune of living their whole lives knowing that we are going to die. No matter what we create, or how much money we make, or how many children we have, we will die. Our own decomposition is a scary thought because it means that we have to part with the control we strived for. When it comes down to it our bodies are just an organism on this earth like all others, made to rot, to decay. If we work towards accepting, not denying, our inevitable decomposition, we can begin to see it as something beautiful.

Decomposition is beautiful because it shows us how important life is. It reminds us how precious it is. It brings to light that we are not immortal and that life is a gift that we should cherish. It is this parallel of death and decay with endurance and beauty that I am hoping to communicate through my work.
I would like to show the process of decay through the use of different materials and the use of raw emotion. I would like to communicate the emotions of comfort and acceptance. I would first start with an organic abstract form. These forms would have a hint of life showing in them. Then the forms would gradually fade away to barely nothing. I feel that it would make others take a closer look and see something beautiful and wise about accepting the process of decay.
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