Arterie Fine Arts
Wood-boring Oak Beetle (Eurythyrea quercus) Illustration
Acrylic & Prismacolor Pencil
12" x 9"
Stacey Zebith Thalden
Portland, OR
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Stacey Thalden’s series titled, “Emergence” presents remarkably realistic 2D and 3D paintings of beetles. These works on canvas and small sculptures magnify the extraordinary colors, patterns, and proportions displayed by these insects. Her works invoke a sense of wonderment and curiosity toward these often overlooked or feared creatures. She adds, “It is my hope that these paintings create a window into the natural world, where it can be appreciated, seen anew and celebrated.” Her dedication to Entomology and passion for creative expression are evident in the intricate details of her representations. She expresses, “The more I research and observe the more I am astounded and awe-inspired by the visual harmony found in nature. It is with this inspiration that I reach for my paintbrush.“
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