Arterie Fine Arts
Piano-Black & White
18" x 24"
Parul Mehta
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Parul is an artist who works in tandem to her inner rhythm. As she puts paint to canvas, her inner world comes alive in vivid colors. The frames represent the window of the mind through which one views the world, the self imposed limitations and prejudices that color our view...with the portraits the dreams are brought in, which seem to blend in effortlessly on Parul’s canvas! And finally the geometric shapes that reflect the mundane inanities of life. A foundation, a strength from which the views of our world and our dreams can come forth. Each representation is a wonderful amalgamation of the myriad facets of life rendered in the true colors that reflect the artist’s quest to bring out the reflective in the viewer. As an artist Parul, conforms only to the laws of experimentation. Each work of art is an electrifying result of innumerable hours spent in ensuring that the perfect shade is at the right place on the canvas. Textures both subtle and obvious, layers of intense hues, with the shapes bringing in the required dimensions all collate to create a work of art that is an expression of the passion that drives the artist!
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