Arterie Fine Arts
Breaking Newspeak
Ink on Paper
24" x 24"
Morgan Chivers

Breaking Newspeak repeats a quote from the 43rd P.o.t.U.S., exploring the often unfortunately porous relationship between truth and untruth in the political landscape. When one is too close to the words, they seem straightforward; with distance, one can literally see the lie. This work is driven by the interconnected nature of government, media, and popular notions of American ideals, actual American actions, global citizenship, and passive acceptance of injustice.

[The effect is quite clear with about 4 or 5 meters distance from the print. Digital compression somewhat skews the illusion - if it is not clear at first, try stepping away from the monitor, or adjusting the file view size. Hidden within the text is the Abu Ghraib figure.]

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