Arterie Fine Arts
Delusion 3
Digital Photograph
24" x 18"
Kelly Wantuch
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These photographs, a part of a larger series, are meant to depict how life is much more complicated than what we see on the surface every day. People we pass daily have things inside of them that can help us answer questions about what we see or what they allow us to see, if we only take the time to get to know them. Our lives can become richer if we stop to notice things that are deeper than what is only the “outside reality” reflecting back to us.

These shots were taken in front of store windows in Northern Italy. These images are from one shot, no Photoshop collages or layers were combined. Each photograph depicts an image that contains a window where what is seen from the inside of the window is combined naturally with the reflection of what is being reflected on the outside of the window. The boundaries become ambiguous of what is outdoor or indoor, fluid or static, and what is fact or imagination. The window’s reflections makes the inside window displays almost come to life on the street, making the viewer question what is real and what is artificial. By using photography, the photographs naturally flatten both the reflection and the actual contents inside the window, helping them morph into a single more complete image.

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