Arterie Fine Arts
Japanese Fish Print
Rice Paper Print
11" x 14"
Bob Kapheim


Nature produces art in the form of patterns. One such pattern is the scales of a fish. Each fish has its own pattern. Each scale produces annuli, or annual rings which represents periods of growth. These scale rings can be counted just as the rings of a tree, to determine the age of a fish. The fish used in this work is a White Bass.

Rice paper does not contain rice; however, based on ancient Chinese tradition, rice paper is made from the stalks of a rice plant. This tradition was passed along from the Chinese to the Japanese and Koreans, where it became a popular paper for painting and calligraphy because of its absorbent qualities.

This White Bass was painted with a black acrylic and then rice paper was pressed down on the body. The rice paper was then gently lifted straight up, revealing the scale pattern in the fish print shown in this art form.

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