Arterie Fine Arts
Acrylic & Collage (Japanese Paper) on Canvas
13.75" x 15.35"
Sun Kim

The relations between bio-organism and art are the starting points of my explorations.
My interest in art began at age 4 when I had tuberculosis. Due to being isolated I spent all my days drawing and painting. Throughout my school years I was always involved in art.
I always thought that art should come out of the soul. I wanted to be philosophical. I was more interested in finding new ideas, and understand the truth. After graduation I developed a very painful immune-mediated genetic disease in the skin and joints called psoriasis. This non-contagious, non-curable, life-long disease was too much for a young female to deal with. This made my life was miserable and depressing. So I started to paint, and this is how I could slowly start overcoming this huge physical, social, and psychological problem.
Currently, inspired by medical imagery, my art is a continuing series of painting-cycles exploring diverse aspects of bio-organisms. I need to make paintings that are alive as two, three, or four-dimensional. I desire to become more fluid in my creative life. I find when I make art it reflects the story within.
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