Arterie Fine Arts
Mixed Media on Paper
20" x 13"
Danielle Juracka

This piece is a combination of images from nebulae and body organs combined to create a space/body "scape".

There is interconnectedness to everything inside and around us, from the cells in our bodies to the stars in the sky. I have always been enamored by the human form and its biological makeup; the beauty of the intricate systems that form a person. The incredible machine which is our body is as complex as the individual themselves. Surprisingly the macrocosmic and microcosmic are visually alike. My paintings are about this kinship we have with the universe. I am interested in this symbiotic relationship we have with our bodies and similarly the cosmos. I begin with a macro and/or microcosmic image magnified in detail and attempt to examine its relationship to the individual human form and the larger universe. The use of bold and viscous color combined with the paint application allows for layering of ideas. The found images represent the core of the composition. Through order exposing chaos.
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