Arterie Fine Arts
Addiction Machine
Oil & Spray Paint on Canvas
24" x 33"
Peyton Michelle Rack
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The process of preparing to paint is methodic much like science. The formal way of painting provides a base of knowledge that is crucial for experimentation. A painter can hypothesize what will happen when two materials are mixed together or one is laid upon the other. In this piece, oil is laid over spray paint. This is non-traditional, however it is archival and I was able to know that the oil paint would react as planned and bind to the canvas and layer of spray paint. It took several coats, as the paint, or any liquefied substance must saturate the canvas to create a bright rich color on top of which to add oils. Spray paint and oil can both be removed with turpentine, which means that neither is water based. I integrated oil ground into the application of the oil paint because in previous experiences with acrylic paint, I would integrate gesso. The process of mixing materials is scientific in that the properties of materials must be considered in order for desired results.
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