Arterie Fine Arts
Addiction Machine
Oil & Spray Paint on Canvas
24" x 33"
Peyton Michelle Rack
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The digital age is changing society in ways yet to be seen. Is it good or bad change? Maybe it’s both. Regardless, I miss the days where it would be special to send a picture message of a finished work to my friends and family. It was intimate. Now it goes out to a vat of virtual opinions. The bigger the audience, the harder it is to be honest. I want art to speak the truth because truth is the only thing we have, and art has the potential to do this. I don’t edit a work based on the amount of people who are going to see it. It simply is what it is. It takes courage to tell the truth rather than to say what people want to hear. I believe that art is called to react to this distorted virtual reality with a relentless and unconcealed truth.

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