Arterie Fine Arts
Oil on Canvas, with Pumice Ground
44" x 34"
Tanzen Lilly

The pieces I am submitting for this show all deal with the topic of memory and dreams, and my expression of those events. The expression is for the benefit of both the viewer and myself. I record these experiences so as to confront and learn from them. If I could not express myself in this way, I would not be able to grow as a person and learn from my experiences. I desire to expose these experiences to others as well, and for them to take the same imagery and apply it to their experiences.

This piece features a figure that haunts my thoughts, and therefore my art. For about two years now, this strange, ghostly figure has followed me, and forced me to illustrate him. In the creation of this image, I took scrap canvas and attached it to the surface of the painting in order to form the shape of the figure. With out first planning the shape that I would make, I discovered that I had unintentionally made the shape of a person in profile. The piece remains untitled as I struggle to go through my memories and dreams, and discover the origin of this figure.
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