Arterie Fine Arts
How a Heart Broke Open
Oil on Jesso Board
24" x 24"
Ksenia Poulber

A woman holding her heart

The two pieces presented here mark an important point in my emotional journey...A heart break...My heart has been broken before in my youth...that feeling when you can barely breathe, inability to move from pain so intense and one word that kept resurfacing over and over again was “Morphine”

Years later it has happened again...the same pain, my heart was afire. I stayed in for a month exploring my feelings through color...Indigo, the greyish blue of non-existence, like a void and the red, the color of my raw heart. There were nights when I fell asleep in what seemed like a delirium, not awake, yet not really asleep. During one of those nights I had a vision; an angel lowered down to me and softly kissed my back. Time passed and as the pain subsided, I realized there was something very different about the heart break this time. Yes it shattered into pieces, but as I moved through those pieces I found that there was an mysterious opening, dark, but friendly...I followed it...and then alas the picture was clear...My heart didn't just Broke Open...
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