Arterie Fine Arts
Lion Tamer
Ink on Paper
22.5" x 30"
Jeremy Foy

Hoping for no sweat to fall.

One audition with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus was an exciting opportunity, which could have altered my life. Willing to become a part of the greatest show on earth, I was ready to drop everything and entertain. During my audition I did a juggling skit, which earned a call back but not fortunate to be picked. Over the couple of years after my tryout I have different thoughts about my initial decision. Thoughts that run through my head have me second guess how enjoyable the circus would be from the inside out?
I think about it more then not, and I would like to relieve my feelings of disappointment and questioning of what my possibilities were if I would have been picked. Having missed out on this experience, to show my gratitude to this organization in thinking that I was one of the best. These woodblocks are to show the eyes of the circus, the eyes that could have potentially have been my eyes. I have created a five woodblock series all at a four-color reduction of foreshortened images of the circus.
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