Arterie Fine Arts
Photograph + Digital Composite, Digital Archival Print
28" x 22"
Jennifer Moore, Carrie McGath and Brittany Majka
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Introspection is a process that generates knowledge or beliefs about one's own mind and no one else's - at least not directly. Introspection also generates knowledge, beliefs and judgments about one's current and immediate past mental state. While performing exercises of introspection, one is able to tap into an unconscious stream of imagery that generally accompanies self-observation. It is my philosophy that through exercises of introspection and streams of imagery, one can observe general truths about oneself. These truths become the basis of knowing one's true identity.

Introspection, 2011, is the embodiment of multifaceted self-reflection accomplished through collaboration.

In some ways all artwork is a manifestation of one's self. This idea is generally accepted in current and historical references in art. However, the process of introspection morphs dramatically when working collaboratively. Each artist's idea and image is shaped by the last artist's idea and image. If an artist chooses to work collaboratively, they must find their voice in relation to another’s.

Can true introspection happen when working collaboratively? When an artist chooses to work collaboratively, introspection becomes less about one's self alone, and more about one's self in the context of others. Introspection still occurs while working collaboratively, but does so in the context of a larger picture.

Life experiences, culture, upbringing and gender are some of the variables that play a role in our definition of self. Each person has had unique experiences that make us who we are. When forced to truly consider our differences, we often find that we are the same. We all have secrets. We all put up walls, deal with insecurities and put on facades. Working collaboratively has allowed each of us to spring board ideas, thoughts, concepts and emotions from one to the next. Collaborative introspection may be an even more powerful form of self-knowledge, allowing one to see one’s self in relation to humanity and our existence.

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