Arterie Fine Arts
Night Vision
India Ink, Watercolor, Pastels, Colored pencils
30" x 22"
Dorothy Graden
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When one enters the inner world of the unknown, one can be surprised of what is found. It is like entering a cave of the soul and can be frightening as well as enlightening. In the darkness there is a crack that brings in the light, and the beings I see here hold light and are joyful. They hold both joy and sadness yet bring with them healing powers for myself and others. The snake is symbolic; it travels through upper and lower dimensions, into the cave of darkness and out into the light. When it sheds its skin it lets go of its past and new life comes, it is transformed.
Other beings carry strength and others, whimsy. When I dream, I bring these images back with me, draw them, and free them to transform and heal.
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