Arterie Fine Arts
Mami Wata
Mixed Media
15" x 12"
Szmeralda Shanel

How did I feel- While making this piece I was in a light trance and worked obsessively. Each time I had to stop to eat, sleep, visit the bathroom, my mind remained preoccupied with the remaining unfinished parts. When I was done, I felt giddy, enamored, enchanted.

Szmeralda Shanel MA is a visual, performance and ritual artist. She holds an MA in expressive arts therapy and has been working as a teaching artist for 15 years. As an expressive arts therapist consultant and educator she works with individuals as well as communities focusing on the healing aspects of the creative process. Szmeralda is a priestess with the Fellowship of Isis and the Temple of Isis, she is the founder of the Iseum of Black Isis, a temple dedicated to Goddess Spirituality and Sacred arts.
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