Arterie Fine Arts
Ignite Your Inner Fires
February 22nd - 6:30pm

Susan Joseph

I received an email advising me of an event that may interest me: Feel.Introspect.Rejuvenate.Express. Show. I am always grateful to the many beautiful and talented people sharing and encouraging others to participate. I looked into the event and put it on the back burner to see what, if anything started to boil. I usually start a creative project this way, then when the ideas and energy start flowing I set an intention that if there is anything of value that I can contribute, please guide me with what it may be. I remind my overactive imagination to give a few minutes of attention to my ego and then comfortably put it to rest and clearly unleash the highest best. I smile, add a little more excitement of possibilities, a deep breath, gratitude, and then release it, awaiting further directions. After receiving the green light, I hit the gas, rev up the engines and sit quietly to proceed. Bit by bit, I start to take action. First, I set-up a stage, recruited my son to video, picked the music (or shall I say got the CD out that had the music on it that picked me). I played the cd and waited for the movements to begin. This signaled the song to use. Then I continued to play the song and move and before long the energies were very strong and I knew it was complete. I took a break. After a few "chores" I picked the "costume" and ran through the dance several times then wrote a poem that wanted to be added and, got my son to video it. My first audience. I was a bit nervous to have my son see this expression of me; hope I didn't ruin my MOM reputation! :) He helped me get it loaded to the computer and submitted for review. As you are being told this story, the rest is history, or visual poetry- my creative project of Ignite your Inner Fires. I hope you agree that it captures the vitality, community and artful expressions connected to the theme of this event. In gratitude and blessings, Namaste!
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